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What Is OfficialPortal.in?

OfficialPortal.in is a web portal started on 18th November 2021. This website provides all the latest updates and news regarding government portals. Here you can read complete information regarding government portals. Through this portal we also provide information regarding the online registration process, login process, how to apply online for any scheme offered by the government, you can also check how to check the status online.

What is the main objective to start OfficialPortal.in?

The main objective to start OfficialPortal.in is to provide the right information regarding all the government portals. So, that citizens can read the right information and get benefits provided by the government. Here you get daily new updates regarding new and old government portals. So, bookmark this website and visit daily to get the latest updates.

Who is behind OfficialPortal.in?

The idea behind OfficiaPortal.in is of an experienced blogger who is doing blogging for a long time independently. All the information provided on this blog is taken from official websites, media reports and other digital platforms. If you found any mistake in the information provided on this website. Then contact us. You can also read our Privacy Policy.